Website and DNS settings

Your customers will login to your trading terminal at the address which you have specified. The address can be linked with the company's domain address (it can be a subdomain) or it may not be linked.
Also you need to set up addresses for the Personal Area and the Admin Panel. You can find some clues on this page.
You need to come up with three addresses, in can be in a standard form like this:
Address of the trading terminal
Address of the Personal Area
Admin Panel
You need to give us the information on domains (subdomains) and rewrite zones for them:
Cabinet (Personal Area)
Terminal and Admin Panel -
After changing the zones, we will be able to configure them and connect the web terminal.
How do I check that domains are actually linked to the right addresses?
For windows: select Start and type CMD, press Enter. A Command line will open in the new window.
Please type the following in the command line:
$ ping your_domain
Here, put your website address instead of your_domain.As the result, you will see something like this:
PING your_domain ( 56 data bytes
That means that you have rewritten zones successfully. As a next step contact us so that we can finish setting up everything.