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Questions on connecting
In what time frame can you connect a new client?
Within 24 hours after receiving payment and logos.
What is included in the provided set of tools?
You get all the tools to get started quickly. Build under your logo all terminals-Windows, Linux, MaxOS, Android, iPhone, Webterminal, Administrative panel, set of iFrame for embedding in the site, the flow of quotes (144 tools), full access to the API for solving any problems. Communication with payment systems.
What port does the program work on?
All communication between parts of the program takes place over https Protocol. Port 443.
General issue
Do you have an e-mail distribution system and what events generate e-mail sending?
In the system-Mobius software, you can set up individual emails on events-daily mailing of statements, notification of margin call, notifications of actions on the account, password requests, etc. However, in order for the client to receive emails-he must confirm his e-mail in the office.
Other Questions
How does automatic account archiving work?
Demo accounts are deleted after they have not been logged in for 30 days. Transactions are deleted and the balance is reset. Trading orders are archived after 12 months have not been included in them. The bonus is reset and pending orders are deleted. Orders are archived into one credit and one bonus order. Unzipping is available through the administrative panel.
Financial Questions
How is it possible to pay for a terminal?
You can pay for the terminal with almost all available systems-Bank transfer, electronic payment systems (kiwi, Yandex.money, WebMoney, skrill, etc.), Сryptocurrency, etc.
Что такое Кредит?
Что такое Кредит?
Cryptocurrencies and Deposit
Is it possible to connect the reception of cryptocurrencies and if so, which ones?
Yes, the terminal provides for automatic acceptance of cryptocurrencies in advance. At the moment, you can immediately accept funds in the following cryptocurrencies after opening: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Monero (XMR), Litecoin, Etherium, Tether ERC20 (USDT). You can also accept other cryptocurrencies manually by writing an item and wallet, for example in the stablecoins section
How is cryptocurrency acceptance enabled? Do I need any documents or registration on any website?
You don't need anything other than programs to use (and generate) wallets. You just download them and run them. If you need increased protection , you can create programs for generating wallets yourself. We created one of these open source key-address pair generation programs.
Are there any differences in accepting and managing wallets in different cryptocurrencies?
All popular cryptocurrencies have their own characteristics. In terms of usage, we can divide them into two significant groups-Cryptocurrencies and Ethereum with its own Tokens. There are completely separate cryptocurrencies that are even difficult to call cryptocurrencies-say Yota or xrp, but of those that are really popular in the market (and which you can accept automatically), it makes sense to study only two groups. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash are the first group and Etherium and Tether are the other.
What are the features of accepting and using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin?
These cryptocurrencies involve the use of a huge number of private keys (wallets). Initially, when creating Bitcoin, it was assumed that for each receipt of funds, you create a separate transaction. Now the absolute standard for any financial system is to create a separate wallet for each client. If you register on an exchange or exchange office, a separate private key (and address) will be attached to your account. When a client sends funds to this address, you can be sure that they came from him. Given that the transfer can take several days (it all depends on the amount that the client is willing to spend on commissions), this is very convenient. At the moment, for a quick bitcoin transfer (your transaction will be recorded in the next block) , you need to pay 200 satoshi, and for a transfer that will be made in 4 hours - only 76 satoshi. Thus, if you do not limit the transfer time, it will be cheaper for clients to send you funds.
If we create a payment address for each account - we will accumulate hundreds and thousands of individual wallets - how can we then sort them out?
This is a common question, but the system of these cryptocurrencies is designed specifically to work with a huge number of addresses. If you use one of the popular wallets-we recommend Electrum (it is separate for each cryptocurrency) - you can see all the receipts of funds in one window. And when you pay-it doesn't matter how many addresses you withdraw money from - it counts as a single transfer. After generating wallets (our program or other generators), you simply enter a list in the program and work with them as with one wallet.
What is the difference between accepting Etherium and Tether funds from other cryptocurrencies?
It should be clarified that Tether can not be considered a cryptocurrency-it is a token - at the same time there are Tether tokens of different cryptocurrencies, we have created an automatic acceptance of only Tether ERC-20 - i.e. only the Etherium token. A token is a currency that obeys the rules of the company that created it and is completely dependent on it. According to the rules of Tether Limited, you can exchange 1 token for 1 dollar, but everything depends on the will of the company. However , when transferring tokens, you use the ethereum blockchain - and, in fact, one with the ethereum wallet. you can accept any ERC-20 tokens, including Tether ERC - 20, to the wallet where your ethers are stored. The difficulty with these cryptocurrencies is that there is no easy way to manage a large number of addresses. That is, you can create a large number of addresses - for example, in the program mycrypto.com " but he won't be able to control them easily. Therefore, we did not make it possible to create thousands of wallets, when each account belongs to one separate one. Instead, when accepting funds, the user receives a temporary wallet, which is assigned to him for a certain time (usually half an hour), for which he must make it. This is less convenient from the user's point of view (before transferring, the wallet must first be requested), but the only real way out in this case.
Is it reliable to use generators (including your generator) to create key-address pairs?
The use of any third-party software can not give absolute reliability. We offer an open source generator and you can test it before running it. Also, it should be said that the storage of significant funds should be carried out only on the so-called cold wallets. That is, you create such a key pair separately on a computer disconnected from the Internet. Then, without connecting the computer to the network, you rewrite the address and send funds to this address from another computer. Only such storage of funds can provide absolute reliability.