Migration from other systems

We have accumulated a wide experience in smooth transition of databases from the MetaTrader4, UTIP and CTrader systems. We can transfer databases from other systems too, provided that the orders storage system is studied first.

The transition itself is carried out within a few hours (not more than six hours) and is included in the basic price. However, some preparation is required before the transition.
Preparation for migration on the example of Metatrader4.
InMetatrader 4clients should be divided into groups as follows: in one group there should be accounts with one and the same account currency only (for example, dollar accounts). Cent accounts, Euro accounts, etc. - only one type of currency in one group.
<div>You need to provide a list in the form of table like this: group name – currency type.</div><div>In the same table please specify how the balance in each group should look like: USD cents or USD (in EUR or EUR cents etc.)</div><div>Also here you should specify how trade volumes should be presented: in lots or in real volumes (it's a matter of display only, all the trades are calculated in real volumes). </div><div>To summarize, the table should consist of 4 columns: name of the group in МТ4, account currency, how trade volumes should look like (lots or real units), measurement (cent/dollar).</div>
Check that each account has an email. If there’s no email, please fill it in. Accounts without emails won't be transferred.
Check all your instruments' symbols and make a matching table: your symbols vs ours. If we don't have some instrument symbols, we will transfer those transactions as balance ones. Please note that open transactions on those instruments that we don't have will not be transferred.
Provide a table containing lot sizes for all your instruments (since our program is based not on lots, but on real volumes only).
After making all the necessary corrections, please send us the following files: orders.dat, users.dat