Own sources of quotes

Mobius Server. Server from our company
Each client has several connection methods. You can use a standard set of trading instruments(more than 140) and use a shared cloud Mobius TraderAt the same time, you do not incur any additional costs for server maintenance, overlap of transactions, and stream of quotes.
Connect your server
If you need special tool settings, or unique tools that are not in the standard set, we can install Mobius Traderon a separate server (or server system). You have the opportunity to connect your own instruments, make non-standard rediscovery and synthetic instruments.
At the moment we offer to rent servers in the cloudAmazon.To estimate the cost, use calculatorWe recommend renting a server 16 GB RAM 4-core processor, 100 GB disk.
We can install and configure any of the already connected aggregators of your choice. The price for connecting your aggregator is negotiated separately. About $ 500 for connection, or you can install it yourself.